Carbures moves towards the ultra light car


Carbures Mobility moves forward in its objective to lighten the weight of cars and to contribute to a more sustainable economy. This Carbures division is involved in ESFERA –a project focusing on the concept and engineering of a new hybrid super structure much functional and lighter for future vehicles- whose conclusions will be absolutely relevant for this economic sector. The person responsible for this project said so in the third edition of the Industrial 4.0 Summit in Vigo (Spain) last week.

ESFERA is an acronym for “idea and development of a new hybrid super structure much functional and light for future vehicles” in Spanish. This project is coordinated by a company called Plastic Onmium and relies on the participation of PSA Group, Tromosa and Ledisson AIT. ESFERA counts with the collaboration of CTAG (Technological Automotive Center in Galicia) and with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. It is co-financed by the Structural Funds from the European Union. [...]

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Carbures CEO and President speeches, in the Investor Area


The speeches that both the President of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, and the CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, offered at the General Meeting of Shareholders held last week are available. The Board, which took place last June 29, was attended by 59 shareholders, owners of 124,894,222 shares, which represent 58.94% of the Company's capital stock. The approval of the consolidated annual accounts with its subsidiaries for the year 2016 was one of the main points of the day.

In his speech, our President, Rafael Contreras, spoke about the great moment that the Company is experiencing thanks to the consolidation of its divisions - Aerospace & Defense, Mobility and Civil Works - and the challenges Carbures faces today. For his part, the CEO of the Company, Borja Martínez-Laredo, was in charge of explaining the accounts and the results obtained last year. [...]

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Carbures strengths its activity in Mexico with 2 strategic contracts in Civil Works sector

Civil Works

Carbures strengths its actitivity in Mexico with the signing of two new contracts of its division dedicated to the civil works sector. On one hand, the extension of the contract with Iberoamericana de Hidrocarburos (IHSA), the Mexican-Spanish consortium dedicated to the drilling of wells for extraction of hydrocarbons and gas in the different blocks of the region of Burgos in the States of Nuevo Leon , Coahuila and Tamaulipas in Mexico, until 2018. Since 2011 Carbures has been working for IHSA, and currently we have become an exclusive supplier of the consortium. Since 2011, it has been generated 1.73 million euros so far. Thanks to this strategic alliance, the Civil Works division of Carbures will have an estimated turnover of almost half a million euros when providing engineering support to different gas pipeline projects, roads, collection stations, separation banks, compression stations, process centers, automation and ancillary services. [...]

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Carbures at Le Bourget, the most relevant aerospace event worldwide

Aerospace & Defense

Carbures Aerospace & Defense keeps working to become stronger and stronger in the aerospace sector. During all this week, Carbures’s CEO and directors are at Le Bourget (Paris) at a professional meeting which is relevant worldwide. Carbures is there supported by the Andalusian Government and TEDAE (Spanish defense companies’ association). Paris Air Show 2017 implies multiple meetings with current customers and potential customers.

The Company is determined to strengthen its presence in the aerospace sector by showing its multiple abilities and wide experience in the manufacturing of composite parts, provision of engineering services and development of electronic devices. [...]

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Carbures invited to a panel of Industry 4.0 and Collaborative Robots

This week a conference was held in Madrid organized by IKN Spain on "Intelligent and Hyperconnected Manufacturing - Industry 4.0". At that event, Carbures was invited to participate in a specific panel of experts on collaborative robots. Rafael Repiso, our SAP Implementation Manager and IT Manager, was in charge of sharing our experience in this technological area and to reflect on the discussion with Alexandre Biau, Director of the Danone Plant in Tres Cantos (Madrid), considered one of the most efficient plants in Europe, and Antonio Vizán, Director of the Mechanical Engineering Department of ETSII-UPM.

Collaborative robots are a new generation of robots that integrate with humans in manufacturing environments, allowing them to work closely with no security constraints required in typical industrial robotics applications. [...]

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Carbures signs a new contract with Gas Gas

Carbures has signed a second contract with Gas Gas to produce the air filter boxes for its new motorcycle limited edition. This motorcycle part is already being used in competition motorcycles by rider James Dabill at trial world competitions. This air filter box, which is used both as a seat and as an air intake, is going to be now replied in motorcycles for the general public, in a limited edition of Gas Gas’s model TXT GP. This new airbox designed by Carbures allows reducing a 40 per cent of its weight and expanding the air intake for the motor, which improves the vehicle’s performance. Since 2016, Carbures produces the fork protectors, the front mask and the airbox for Gas Gas’s Still Riding model.

Carbures’s site at Tecnobahía (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz) is working on this limited series, by simplifying the model and reducing a complex structure into a single carbon piece. The resulting component is more resistant and its weight is a 40 per cent lower as compared to the equivalent plastic pieceand, also, this part has an interior volume a 10 per cent biggerwhich implies that the motor shows a better performance. This limited edition in Gas Gas’s TXT GP model, with professional competition features, can be bought in 300, 280, 250 and 125 cc. [...]

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Future is now, and it is brought by new technologies

Civil Works

Future is now is the title of the forum that Sir Norman Foster starred last Thursday, June 1st, at Teatro Real in Madrid, on the occasion of the presentation of his Foundation, located in a historical building of the capital center renewed with the latest architectural trends and for which Carbures made a complex composite cover of 172 square meters.

Our CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, was invited to the forum and heard Norman Foster say that the future is now and it comes from new technologies. Foster referred, fundamentally, to the cities of the future and gave data: in 2050, more than 70 percent of the world population will live in cities. Speaking of pollution, he said that cities are the problem as major polluters (chimneys, cars, etc.), but they must also be the solution. Since the 1960s, he has built sustainable cities and proposed the construction of buildings that take advantage of the water resources of the rain and the sun to generate electricity and the creation of green spaces to reduce, through photosynthesis, CO2 emissions. His aim is to create more humane, less polluted, more sustainable cities. It is his vision of the world and his contribution to make it a reality. [...]

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Norman Foster chooses Carbures to create the roof of his new building

Civil Works

The architect Norman Foster chooses Carbures to make the ceiling of the new building that will be the new Norman Foster Foundation. The participation of Carbures in the creation of this roof made with pieces of glass fiber, in a total surface of 172 square meters, supposes a key positioning in the construction sector and situates Carbures as a leader company because of its innovation and industrial capacity in the manufacture with compose materials. 

The innovative contribution of Carbures in this new headquarters named Pavillion of Inspirations in its creation of this pioneering architectonical element in Spain, with plane wing form, has been asked to Carbures to be done because of its engineering and manufacturing capacity of this complex composite cover.  [...]

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Summary of presentation of the Carbures new CEO

As we all know, the presentation of our new CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, took place during the 2017 Carbures International  Week, where different internal and external activities took place.

This presentation, which was handled by the President and founder, Rafael Contreras, was held at the Carbures Airport facility in Jerez de la Frontera. In it, the new CEO spoke about  his priorities after taking possession, and how he sees the company and its business as well as its main strengths and opportunities.
In this post, you can see a short video as a summary with some of the most remarkable statements. [...]

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Borja Martínez-Laredo, new Chief Executive Officer of Carbures

Carbures enters in a new stage of maturing business and industrial growth. Borja Martínez-Laredo will leader this stage, who has been elected with unanimity by the board of directors of the company with the objective to leader the consolidation process of Carbures as a company reference in industrial processes with compose materials. 

Carbures Martínez Laredo will use two levers in order to impulse the rise of the company: new accesses to national and international financial markets and to reach new alliances with big industrial groups with the final task to replace the metal with the carbon fiber and other composite materials. With our aeronautic division flying high in the fabrication with composites, now it is the turn of the automotive and Civil Work sector, divisions in which we expect a very strong speed up. [...]

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