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Borja Martínez-Laredo, new Chief Executive Officer of Carbures

Borja Martínez-Laredo, new Chief Executive Officer of Carbures

Carbures enters in a new stage of maturing business and industrial growth. Borja Martínez-Laredo will leader this stage, who has been elected with unanimity by the board of directors of the company with the objective to leader the consolidation process of Carbures as a company reference in industrial processes with compose materials. 

Carbures Martínez Laredo will use two levers in order to impulse the rise of the company: new accesses to national and international financial markets and to reach new alliances with big industrial groups with the final task to replace the metal with the carbon fiber and other composite materials. With our aeronautic division flying high in the fabrication with composites, now it is the turn of the automotive and Civil Work sector, divisions in which we expect a very strong speed up.

Since its birth in 1999, under another corporate name and us a spin-off of the Chemistry Science of the Cádiz University; its inorganic growth process and its geostrategic positioning in the world; its desert journey that affected the hole MAB with the Gowex fraud; its doubt in the auditor that obliged to suspend the value until those doubts were solved with no exception and the internal reorganization process was done in 2016. Carbures rises with an industrial reality stronger than ever. With the president and founder Rafael Contreras, the ex CEO , Roberto Rey now board director member, left a clean and tidy management structure, the perfect platform for the new maturing stage that we are heading. 2017, supposes the beginning of a new era in the company. 

To lead this new stage, the new CEO faces the challenge to give access to the company to new international and national capital markets. Martínez-Laredo holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid, an executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa Business School (IE) and a General Management Program (PDG) from the IESE Business School. Martínez-Laredo adds more than 20 years of work experience in the financial and business sectors. In addition to director of UBS, throughout his professional career, Martínez-Laredo has served as Director of Large Assest and Institutuions in Capital at Work, and as Director of CCS. In 2015, he was appointed by UBS Key Talent and in 2016 a member of the Circle of Excellence, awarded by the Swiss bank to top performers worldwide.

Managing strategic alliance with big industrial groups will be other of his responsibilities, especially in the automotive sector. This agreements will serve as vehicles to conduce the great industrial change that will replace the metal with the carbon fiber and other compose materials and place Carbures as a worldwide reference in the industrial processes and Tier 2 not just only in the aeronautic sector, where it strong already, but in the automotive sector, where we have just started our path. 

Borja Martinez-Laredo and Rafael Contreras sets up a solid executive team because of their complementarity that combines the industrial and technological baggage of the President and the economic profile of the CEO. “Martinez-Laredo is first level executive, that suppose a management guaranty in the financial world that will bounce us the ride to give a big step as a company reference in the manufacture with compose materials”, said Contreras during the press release. 

During the presentation, Martínez-Laredo showed his gratittude: "to the President, Rafael Contreras and also to the Board of Directors of the company. I will do everything to impulse the growth of this compan and I will reinforce its position as a company leader in the manufacture of composite structures. "

The presentation of Martínez-Laredo has taken place in the frame of the International Week of Carbures, event where the company does a review in order to reinforce about the guidelines for next year. 

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