Carbures is present in Construmat

Application of composite materials is already large nowadays.” With this message we emphasize our potential in Construmat, the leading trade fair for the construction sector at European level in terms of innovation, rehabilitation, sustainability and design.

This fair is being held this week in Barcelona. Composite materials have present and future in the Civil Works sector. [...]

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Carbures revolutionizes the automotive industry

On Monday, we pressed the accelerator in the automotive industry. We opened a factory at El Burgo de Osma, Soria; 2,600 square meters equipped with our patented technology, Rapid Multi Injection Compress Process (RMCP). It is a pioneer technology worldwide that consists of a robotic production line of car parts in carbon fiber in long series which is equal to long time traditional metal manufacturing. The industry drives towards manufacturing carbon fiber car parts and replace them for metal ones, aiming at producing more efficient cars. 

Manufacturers have developed engines greatly to pollute less but have an unfinished business of the sector will be to reduce the weight of cars. The EU drew up a regulation that penalizes polluting cars, so the race between manufacturers to make cleaner cars has already begun. [...]

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The Minister of Industry supports Carbures in China

In a ceremony held last week in Shanghai, we had the opportunity to present our aviation projects to the Industry Minister, José Manuel Soria. The Spanish government strongly committed Spanish companies settled in China.

“I come here (Shanghai) to support Spanish groups”. With this statement the Minister of Industry began his speech dedicated to the Spanish companies that, like Carbures, are operating in the aeronautical sector in China. Spain begins to live a barrage of Chinese groups projects with Spanish companies in strategic sectors such as aeronautics or automotive. [...]

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Carbures participates in the 1st Meeting of Prototypes Technology in SEAT

SEAT relies on Carbures. Together they could drive into the automotive future. The car manufacturer, which belongs to the Volkswagen Group, has invited Carbures to the I Meeting of Technology for Prototypes as a supplier of carbon fiber parts for the automotive industry.

Carbures has manufactured a wide range of car parts for some of SEAT’s prototype vehicles, such as those used for road tests during summer and winter, or Data Control Models (DKM).


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Carbures are “aligned” with China again

We started the installation of three linear in China. A revolution in the automotive sector since it allows making car parts carbon fiber, a much more competitive than traditional metal parts manufacturing form. Our Chinese partner, Hengrui, start getting linear in the coming months, when the transport boat parts will start. During this year, will receive the first three linear and throughout 2017 (inclusive) the remaining four. We continue our progress on the backs of the Asian dragon and our patented technology.

For all targets are met, we have sent a leading specialist in the design and installation of industrial machinery engineer to oversee all work desk and assembly of linear at the plant. This engineer, designed the so-called “layout” of the technology plan for linear and operators to work as efficiently as possible. [...]

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Carbures highlights China as a key market for its activity

The growth of Carbures passes through China. The group specialized in engineering and manufacturing aircraft parts and car carbon fiber, has been involved in business and financial summit China Sharing Business Experience held in Barcelona on March 4, 2015. This event was organized by Monereo Meyer Marinel-lo Lawyers, firm specialized in providing legal advice across countries (cross border).

I also had the support of ACCIÓ – Catalan Agency for enterprise competitiveness of the Generalitat of Catalonia – . The goal of the summit is that companies established in China and who work in that market state their experience. Our representative at the event, was the CFO of Mapro (Carbures Group), which talked about the “Business success in China” in her presentation highlighting key areas such as “Challenges and keys to business success in China.”. [...]

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Carbures prepares to keep growing

We close the circle of the aeronautical industrial process with the acquisition of the BR25, a technology that allows us to tenfold our industrial cadence on the last leg of the manufacturing of aircraft parts in composites. Thus, we consolidated our positioning as the leaders of the industry in Spain and expand our production capacity to meet our customers’ increasing demand.

Designed by EPMM, the BR25 technology allows us to accelerate in the linear axes of up to 3m/s² and load speed of up to 70m/min. This is crucial for us as it allows us to increase our production to the ramp up of the giant aircraft manufacturers, as expected for this year. [...]

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Carbures dresses Spano GTA with carbon fiber

Carbures sealed with Spania –a Spanish manufacturer of supercars, an industrial alliance that places us in the pole position of the sector of high speed in automotive. In our facilities, we manufacture structural parts for SpanoGTA, a two-seater 950 horsepower just presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, with a limited production of 99 supercars. [...]

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Is it the time to replace metal by carbon fiber?

Until very recently, the use of carbon fiber seemed complicated, mainly because of two barriers -already saved. The manufacturing process of this composite is very complex and requires lot of financial resources. The second barrier is in line with the first one, that is to say, if the manufacturing process is/was complex, the cost is/ will be very high.

But when it comes to savings, big companies and manufacturers get on with it. The alliance between car manufacturers and specialists in production of carbon fiber has begun to emerge, highlighting the ambitious plan of BMW (@bmw) and SGL Carbon. Today, BMW has become the automaker with more experience and possibilities to explode the use of fiber carbon in its street vehicles: BMW i3 and BMW i8. [...]

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Turnover 2017: €161 million in Today’s signed portfolio

Last Tuesday we informed about our Business Plan 2017. It shows that the losses of 2014 are temporary due to the accounting adjustments made after the PWC audit and shows how the company returns to profits this year. Carbures is back on track to its usual path of parts manufacturing increase in response to the growing demand, and therefore, to the black numbers on its financial results.

Under the conservative criteria of backlog results, just referring to contracts already signed today, we expect a €161 million turnover in 2017 and a €150 million one, in 2016, representing increases of 166.6 percent and 158.6 percent, respectively, compared to the €58.6 million revenue we had in 2014 (though it might slightly change as it is yet a non-audited result).. [...]

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