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Roof already installed Roof already installed Photo: Ramiro González

Norman Foster chooses Carbures to create the roof of his new building

The architect Norman Foster chooses Carbures to make the ceiling of the new building that will be the new Norman Foster Foundation. The participation of Carbures in the creation of this roof made with pieces of glass fiber, in a total surface of 172 square meters, supposes a key positioning in the construction sector and situates Carbures as a leader company because of its innovation and industrial capacity in the manufacture with compose materials. 

The innovative contribution of Carbures in this new headquarters named Pavillion of Inspirations in its creation of this pioneering architectonical element in Spain, with plane wing form, has been asked to Carbures to be done because of its engineering and manufacturing capacity of this complex composite cover. 

The Pavillion of Inspirations roofed of the Norman Foster Foundation, seated in Monte Esquinza 48 Street in Madrid, consists in a 172 square meter cover, divided in ten panels of 3 meters, being narrower in the ended parts and they are placed one next to the other, with the outline working as a roof flashing in the union of both panels. Carbures followed a manufacture process that requires from the experience and knowledge of the company in the aerospace technological processes. This ten panels that composes the cover are fire and ultraviolet rays proof, goes screwed together to the metallic structure of the building and ligh in the neoprene belts, but this brackets are not seeing from the outside view.

Norman Foster, pioneer in the use of crystal technology applied to architecture used for more than four decades, uses laminated crystal walls that conform the structure of the pavilion. This walls hold the Carbures cover in a material technically named Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, much lighter than the crystal and with an anticorrosive capacity that needs very low maintenance.

The participation of Carbures in such an emblematic work supposes the reinforcement of the company as an avant guard worldwide company in the application of the composites materials in the civil works sector. The Norman Foster Foundation is just part of the other innovative milestones as the Duques de Alba in the Rosario Port in Fuerteventura for Acciona, the interpretation cabin in the Popular Bank headquarter and other projects in which innovation, efficiency and sustainably are a must. 

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