Carbures explains its Industry 4.0 in "Cádiz: Smart City"

Corporate , Industry 40

In the frame of the Andalucía Digital Week, on Thursday, January 25, at the Casa de Iberoamérica de Cádiz, the 'Cadiz: Smart City' conference was held, attended by companies from the digital sector of Andalucía, including Carbures, to promote the digital transformation of the city of Cádiz. A meeting that arises with the aim of promoting and knowing the use of technology and innovation in the digital transformation of Andalucía and promoting the development of Cádiz as a Smart City.

Javier Moreno, General Manager in the area of Aerospace & Defense of Carbures has participated in the event the round table, 'Cases of success in Industry 4.0' in which also were Torrot and Navantia . Moreno spoke about how the Company has grown and developed its own technology and cutting edge in its sector: [...]

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Carbures, pioneer of composites in Construction and Civil Works

The ACCIONA Sustainability Blog has published an article "Non-polluting building materials", in which it explains the importance of the substitution of traditional materials, for composite materials and the benefits they offer to maintain the environment since they consume less amount of energy and present better features than the traditional ones.

There are more and more uses of composite materials in this sector, as ACCIONA itself promulgates in this blog, Carbures, aware of the properties of different composite materials, have been working for years to incorporate them into Civil Works. The fact that a leading actor at world level such as ACCIONA picks it up in a specific way, and incorporates it into its constructions, is an evidence that Carbures started on the right path years ago. [...]

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Carbures launches a new business line of luxury furnitures in "composite"

Civil Works

Carbures grows and, faithful to its DNA as a company, continues to innovate. The Company now uses its technology and know-how in the diversification of its activity in the Civil Works Division. In line with this strategy, it launches into the market a new line of activity: the design and manufacturing of luxury furnitures in composite materials. Carbures designs and manufactures three lines of furniture; Air Collection, Profile Collection and Origami Collection. All of them with different utilities and inspirations.

The division of Civil Works has manufactured from meshing work in composite materials for various constructions, including some train tracks, the 172 square meter roof of the Pavillion of Inspirations of the new headquarters of the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid, to large pillars in fiber for the expansion of a shipping port in the Canary Islands. Now it adds personalized production and by order received of luxury furnitures. The Company has decided to go a step further and not only to cover the structures of the buildings or infrastructures, but it goes into the interior of offices and homes with this new specific section of luxury furniture. [...]

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Carbures Civil Works donates luminaires to the State of Guanajuato in Mexico

Civil Works

Carbures in support of the community, through its PEMEX client, made a significant donation of 200 luminaires for street lighting, with the LED Street Lights certificate, to the State of Guanajuato in Mexico.

The donation is the result of a business relationship, according to the framework of the contract signed with PEMEX since 2015.The donation, made on December 19, will benefit more than 3,000 people, who can count on public lighting, thanks to the contribution made by Carbures-Civil Works, to the State of Guanajuato. Celso Ventura, Project Coordinator of Carbures Civil Works, and Margarita Torres, Human Resources Manager, delivered the presentation to Alberto García Coria, General Manager of Material Resources and General Services, of the Secretary of Finance, Investment and Administration of the State of Guanajuato, in the presence of Juan Carlos López Puga and Carlos Alberto Jauregui Rodríguez, representatives of PEMEX.

These initiatives are framed, within the Carbures Corporate Social Actions policy, in all its positions in the world.[...]

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Carbures wishes you a Merry Christmas


In 2017, Carbures has expired 18 years as company. We have reached the adult age. This has been one of our best years. A year of consolidation as a Company, of stability, of organic growth, of launch of new projects and of technological innovation.

Throughout this year we have traced the path we are going to take in 2018. The jump to the Continuous Market responds to our new business reality of the Company. Our industrial capacity is much greater than we had when we went to MAB five years ago, our internal structure is very reinforced and we enjoy a solid global positioning as a manufacturer of pieces and structures in composite materials for the Aerospace, Automotive and Civil Works. Therefore, the growth that we have achieved in the last two years, place us in a clear position to jump to the Continuous Market as a natural step to continue growing as a Company. The second challenge we are already working on is to reinforce our position as a leading Company in Industry 4.0, through collaborative robots, intelligent linear systems and the sensorization of composite structures of compound materials.

Thank you all for the confidence.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all![...]

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Carbures presents its key points on the Industry 4.0

Corporate , Industry 40

This week La Voz de Cadiz has organized a conference of 'La Mirada Económica' in which they gave some of the keys to what has come to be called ' Industry 4.0 ' were given. Our CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, participated in them, where he talks about the guidelines that must be followed for the modernization of companies and not lose the train of the future.

Industry 4.0 is the complete digitalization of the value chain through the integration of the data processing technologies, intelligent software, robots, and sensors, including suppliers and customers throughout the production process in order to predict, control, plan and produce intelligently.

Carbures has been involved in this transformation for months and is positioned in this Industry. Across the automated systems, they have been implanted in our plants. The investment in these systems is an element of competitiveness absolutely necessary as this year was demonstrated on having gained the contract with SABCA, a Tier 1 Belgian of world reference. One of the projects in which Carbures is already working in the cloud computing with which a reduction wants to achieve a reduction in costs, time and efficiency in our factories. [...]

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Carbures goes into Industry 4.0

Corporate , Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

Carbures, opens a new technological-industrial stage and enters in the Industry 4.0 in two ways: intelligent linear and collaborative robots, and the sensorization of composite structures. As a result of these new technological advances, Carbures Mobility, the automotive subsidiary of the Company, has signed a first contract of 2.4 million dollars, with a Tier 1 world reference in the sector, which for reasons of confidentiality with the customer we cannot reveal its name, for the sale of four intelligent linear for manufacturing and assembly in long series of braking systems for cars. Carbures thus consolidates its relationship with this Tier 1 after three years of commercial relations in Mexico and a decade in other countries, such as Germany, another key automotive pole in the global market. [...]

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Carbures will wear Numancia´s shirt


CARBURES will dress on its best with C.D. Numancia. Carbures that operates with a plant of automotion in El Burgo de Osma , signs an agreement of sponsorship with the Sports Club Numancia de Soria for three seasons. The CEO of Carbures, Borja Martínez-Laredo, and the vice-president of the C. D. Numancia, Eduardo Rubio, have signed today, in the New Stadium Los Pajaritos, an agreement of sponsorship for which the equipment will take the name of the Company in his official equipment.

"The Numancia is a great soccer team that represents the values of effort, talent, quality and commitment to its land and their people. In Carbures, we feel very identified with these values and we join the commitment with this land in Soria and, specifically, with the city of El Burgo de Osma, in which we operate an important automotive plant for us ", affirms the CEO of Carbures, Borja Martínez-Laredo.”For all of us that form Carbures, it is an honor to be able to support the soccer team and, in addition, we want to be grateful to the authorities of this region for their out-standing work, which makes our work easier and allows us to continue growing day after day. This sponsorship agreement that we sign today is a sincere show of gratitude to Numancia and its people ". [...]

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The competitive advantage of our industrial position

Aerospace & Defense

As published by Expansion last Monday, November 13, the President of Airbus Operations in Spain, Manuel Huertas, participated in a conference organized by the Tedae association, in which he highlighted the good prospects that are presented for the Spanish aeronautical industry and the challenges that will arise in the future.

Global traffic increases at a rate close to 5% per year, which doubles every 15 years. In the coming years, close to 40,000 new aircrafts will be needed, of which 43% will correspond to the renewal of aircrafts and the remaining 57% to the growth of the companies. The fleets are renewed, moreover, faster and faster. According to Expansion, Huertas said that "in a globalized economy, any product is capable of being manufactured anywhere in the world" and claim to the auxiliary companies -including ITP, Aciturri, Alestis, Carbures or Aernnova- advances in the reduction of costs, improvement of quality and the incorporation of new products. [...]

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Carbures attends the Composites Meetings in Nantes as an exhibitor

Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

This week, CARBURES was present at the Composites Meetings convention in Nantes, France, on November 8th and 9th. This call, we can say that it is one of the most important internationally to be able to arrange appointments between companies, and generate B2B meetings.

Since the meeting is generic of composites, not sectorial, CARBURES has been present with its 3 areas: Aerospace & Defense, Mobility and Civil Works, showing products, capabilities, and a global vision of the company. In Carbures' continuous work of opening new markets and new customers, this type of appointment is especially relevant to be able to concentrate in a few hours numerous direct presentations to potential client companies. [...]

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