Carbures opens a private area for investors

Carbures has opened an Investor Area in our home page. The creation of this new area supposes an effort to keep on with the transparency of the company for investors.

With a quick registration, the investor will have access to a weekly summary of general financial information;  a newsletter every seven days with the latest news; will have priority access for the registration to some activities organized by Carbures. This tool will facilitate the possibility to be updated about the Company, its activities and also a way to concentrate all the information. This area supposes a new step to stay closer to all our investors who have put their trust on us. We want this area to be a tool that will allow a better understanding about the technological trends of all the sectors that we work for: Aerospace & Defense, Mobility and Civil Works. Also, this Investor Area will show the main analysts’ files about our Company.  [...]

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Carbures at an event about building

Civil Works

Carbures has participated at “Industrialización de la construcción” as leader in the manufacturing of composites in the Civil Work Division. Technological knowledge and the new capabilities developed in complex industrial engineering represent a real improvement for Carbures and for the building sector. There is a revolution going on with the use of new materials that allow more innovative, sustainable and efficient architectural and structural solutions.


This was widely explained at this event, where the advantages of composites were at the center of the discussions and where the main experts in the manufacture and use of these materials participated. “Their manageability, their low weight, their high structural outputs, their high capability of free design and their high durability make them a perfect option for every sector”,says Ramiro González (Carbures Civil Works). [...]

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Carbures moves forward with the financing deal with Aristrain

Carbures has announced that the company is moving forward in the execution of a binding agreement with Grupo Aristrain. This 25 million euros financing settlement will suppose an impulse in the Aerospace and Defense division. The agreement has been announced in several relevant facts in February 22th, March 24th and April 26th  where the company informs that both parts are working in the close of a definite deal.

Grupo Aristrain has ratified its interest in Carbures and both parts carry on with conversation in order to close the business deal which will reinforce the company resources to maintain the industrial development rhythm. [...]

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Carbures beats its record in aeronautic production in 2016


Carbures consolidates its position in the market as a key manufacturer of plane pieces made with composite and in engineering services for the Aerospace and Defense sector. The Company reached last year a record in manufacturing of plane pieces in composites, with 45,695 pieces produced in Illescas and Jerez de la Frontera, key spots in Europe.

Carbures manufactures structural pieces for Airbus models: Airbus A320, A320NEO, A330, A340, A350, and A380, among other commercial planes, and for A400M, A330MRTT and C295 of military use. Some examples of these pieces are the oil register covers of the engine, the girders and the panels of the belly of the plane, omegas for the fans cowls that provide rigidity to the lining of the engine and pieces of the nose of the plane. [...]

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Carbures doubles its Company capital in a commitment to growth

“Remove the burden of liabilities, make the Company cleaner and, from a new position, boost its growth and consolidation", said Carbures’s Executive President, Rafael Contreras, at the extraordinary general meeting last Thursday. By this new financial process, the Company doubles his Company capital, overcoming already 100 million euros.

This is an operation approved by the shareholders that transforms the debt into equity and capitalizes credits for a total of 55 million euros in a firm commitment of the investors towards Carbures. The Company will have 115,047,401 new shares which will be equal to the existing ones, placing the Company in a "reinforced financial position, with little debt and with very good industrial perspectives", affirms Contreras. [...]

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“An industrial commitment with the Region like ours takes its time and we have now a strong industrial model”

Mr. Rafael Contreras, founder and President of Carbures gave an interview to Diario de Cadiz, where he explains the history and development of one of the most acclaimed companies in the Andalusian region.

Carbures was born out of a research group of the University of Cadiz, promoted by Prof. Manolo Galan, a PhD professor who wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to transfer technology and create wealth in the region. Mr. Contreras explains how they started this project from scratch through a financing model of “friends, family and fools” until some venture capital firms such as Invercaria and Univen took some stakes [...]

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Carbures capitalises debt to keep growth

Carbures is ready for its next phase of organic growth. Following the request by investment firm Black Toro Capital (BTC), the Company will capitalize 55 million euros of debt in order to complete its internal reorganization phase, to fulfil its business plan and improve its good business performance in its two most important manufacturing lines and to define the path for further industrial growth. [...]

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