Rain and pollution

Rainy days are equivalent to traffic jams in major cities not only in Spain but also globally. This causes very high pollution peaks. But the car industry is evolving towards less polluting vehicles.

The diesel engine crisis has shown that the way to making more sustainable cars has no longer to do with the engine but with the vehicle’s structure. The revolution of carbon fiber in the mobility industry will reduce pollution levels in cities independently of traffic jams.

The materials with which the vehicle parts are constructed have an impact on the speed and the degree of contamination. This is why companies like Carbures are committed to innovation in manufacturing cars and airplanes and have developed their own technology based on carbon fiber, which is 4.5 times lighter and up to three times stronger and more flexible than steel, with which large parts for aircrafts, cars and other vehicles are produced. This way, means of transport are lighter, more efficient and less polluting, reach higher speeds and use less fuel. [...]

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Carbures and the III Aerospace and Defense Meetings -ADM Seville 2016

Carbures will take part in the Aerospace and Defense Meetings (ADM) 2016 throughout the whole week. This professional event, which takes place in Seville and is organized by Extenda (Regional Government of Andalusia), celebrates its third edition and counts with the participation of 464 aerospace and defense companies from 28 countries. Carbures is at stand 17, where we show our technology and our ability to produce aircraft parts in composites (such as carbon fiber). In addition to multiple conferences, roundtables and workshops, there are more than 8.000 business-to-business meetings scheduled for this week. Some of the most prominent companies that will attend the ADM this year are Airbus (which is also a sponsor of this event), Alestis, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. [...]

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We are holding our International Week

Carbures is holding from Monday the 25th until Saturday the 30th in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) the third edition of its International Week. Around one hundred of managers in the Company are assisting this meeting, in representation of almost one thousand Carbures’s employees in three continents (America, Europe and Asia). [...]

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Carbures, awarded by Airbus

Carbures would like to thank Airbus for the award concession of Best Improver in the Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program (SQIP), and shows its commitment to continue working with the European consortium. This award is an endorsement of a global aviation giant to our company for the strength, quality and industrial engineering in the manufacture of aircraft parts in composite materials. The CEO, Roberto Rey, and the General Director of the Aerospace & Defense division of Carbures, Javier Moreno, attended last Wednesday in Toulouse (France) at the SQIP Day of Airbus, to an event of international reference for the aviation industry, where Airbus vice Presidents Gendre Thierry and Frank Martin handed the award. [...]

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Carbon Fiber saves Fernando Alonso’s life

The world of motors shivered on the 20th of March because of an accident that fortunately ended up well. Spanish Formula 1 pilot Fernando Alonso came out uninjured from a crash that made some of us fear he could have died.

The key on the pilot´s accident was the carbon fiber recovering the survival cell and the pilot’s cabin (cockpit). Both parts of the Formula 1 car are constructed from composite sheets of this material and can reach up to 60 layers in a honeycomb structure. [...]

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Carbures delivers Airbus the first part of A350XWB Belly Fairing Honeycomb

Harbin Carbures Guanglian Aeronautic Composite Materials (HCG), which is Carbures’s subsidiary in China, celebrated the delivery ceremony of the first part of Airbus A350XWB Belly Fairing Honeycomb. The event was attended by Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre General Manager, Olivier Guillon; Contract Director, Alastair Vance; Quality Director, Manuel Fernández Vidrié; Procurement Manager, Xu Fujun; Outsourcing Lead Manager, Ana de León; and some members of the Supply Chain Multi-Function Team. Olivier Guillon and Francisco López Lobatón, former General Director of HCG, were invited to cut the ribbon at the ceremony. [...]

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Carbures moves forward with Civil Works

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In Carbures we continue innovating. The company counts with a new product made up on composite mesh used as armours for cement structures. 

The first order we have sent includes the renovation of the rail and the infrastructure refurbishment of Alicante´s line´s 9 tramway in the stretch between Altea and Calpe. It was assembled on Tecnobahia´s plant, in Puerto de Santa María.

The replacement of the traditional steel rods from the armours by GFRP (Glas Fiber Reinforced Polymers) involve significant improvements in construction.  [...]

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Aeronautical-record year

Great news! 2015 has been a record year for us. We will end the year with over 39,300 aircraft manufactured parts, representing an increase of 22.23 percent over the 32,300 parts manufactured in 2014.

Our main production plants, those of Illescas and Jerez, the aeronautical centers of reference in composites in Europe, reach an industrial speed close to 100 percent of its capacity in the case of the first and, in just in two years, the one in Jerez is almost 50 per cent of its capacity with a forecast peak capacity in 2017. In this way, we consolidate our position as a European manufacturer reference of aircraft parts in composites. [...]

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Carbures flies to Germany to the aeronautical fair AIRTEC

Carbures flew to Germany last week as a guest to AIRTEC, the main Fair of the aeronautic sector of the year, attending giants like Airbus and major European suppliers, both Tier 1 and 2 of the supply chain for aircrafts.

AIRTEC celebrated its tenth edition in Munich, where participated more than 600 exhibitors, 15,000 bilateral meetings of business and activities, and 230 conferences on the latest developments in the sector, given by specialists in the field during the three days of the event. [...]

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Carbures showed in Japan its industrial technology for the manufacture of car parts in carbon fiber. The Company has been one of the eleven Spanish car manufacturers of components chosen to represent Spain, the past 22 and 23 of October, in the Japan Spain Innovation Program (JISP).

Spain sent a representation of leading companies in automotive technology who shared their knowledge and showed their industrial developments to Japanese leading companies, manufacturers like Toyota. [...]

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