The rise of electric cars

The automobile sector is continuously being transformed. The number of companies which rely on sustainability and show their commitment to the environment is increasing every day. They do it through the use of electrical means of transport, which contaminate less than traditional ones.

The most prominent case is that of car2go, a subsidiary of German Daimler AG, which in 2008 launched an electric car rental service, charged per minutes of use, together with Smart, throughout European cities and in North America. The booking is made via a smartphone once the user has been registered in its database. After signing up, anyone can use the service in all the cities in the world where it is installed. [...]

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Carbures in ‘Composites World’

Carbures leads one of the main reports in Composites World‘s July issue. You can read the article that journalist Sara Black has published in this specialised magazine by clicking the following link:

Sara Black has visited Carbures’s sites at Jerez de la Frontera, Illescas and El Burgo de Osma (all of them in Spain), so as to get detail about our industrial processes.[...]

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Dear shareholders, in the first place, I would like to thank you for the confidence you have shown and continue to show towards Carbures, especially after a complicated end of 2014 and 2015, a time during which the Company has suffered, rather from external causes, beyond our activity and industrial production capacity, which, nevertheless, continued to increase, reaching its record of production of aircraft pieces last year, with about 40,000 units. Your trust is our fuel to keep growing, to continue working in an industrial group whose equity story has been proven, even in very complex circumstances. Your investment effort in shares of the Company supposes for us, the people who work in Carbures, the greatest incentive to give a new and major impulse to this Company. [...]

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Ordinary General Meeting 29th of June

Carbures Board of Directors has called the shareholders at the Ordinary General Meeting, which will be held on the 29th of June in the Hall of CEEI Bahía de Cádiz at El Puerto de Santa María at 10:00 am in order to address the most important issues of the company.

Access to the General Meeting is restricted to shareholders (they can be represented by any other person, shareholders or not) regardless of the number of shares they hold as long as they are accredited as such.

As every year, the Chairman, Rafael Contreras, will attend to the Shareholders General Meeting and will share his thoughts about the present and future situation of the company. [...]

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Carbures’s President checks the installation of the first RMCP production line in China

Carbures’s president, Rafael Contreras, has travelled to China to check the installation of the first RMCP production line sent to that country. This is the first machine sold to Shenyang Hengrui to manufacture carbon fiber parts for the automotive sector. Carbures is a pioneer in the installation of this technology, which uses highly efficient materials for the automotive industry. [...]

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Carbures will participate at Eurosatory 2016

Carbures will attend this year's Eurosatory fair, from the 13th to the 17th of June, which takes place in Paris.

This fair is specialized in defense and international security and puts the spotlight on solutions for land and air environments, bringing together the largest companies in the global industry sector. The commercial team of the three areas of the Aerospace & Defense division of Carbures (component structure manufacturing, navigation systems manufacturing and engineering) has considered necessary to attend this fair with its own stand (BA401) in order to get in touch with potential customers. [...]

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Carbures presents its freight elevators for trains in Warsaw

Carbures has introduced their new freight elevators for disabled people for the new DART train in Warsaw during these days. These elevators, called PMR, facilitate social integration of those suffering from any physical and psychological disabilities.

During mid-June it will be posible to take a look at one of the models of these elevators at the Show Room of Carbures’s site in El Burgo de Osma (Soria). Also, during late September, one of these models will be exhibited at the INNOTRANS 2016 fair in Berlin with other railway equipment and parts made in composites.

In order to strengthen the training of the use and maintenance of these devices, the Carbures Mobility division has attended this professional meeting together with the Polish railway operator PKP; PESA train manufacturer from the same country; our partner in maintenance, SELUCH; and the Polish market agent, Remigiusz. [...]

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Carbures shows its industrial strength in the ILA Berlin

Carbures has taken part in the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016. The Company has taken advantage of this opportunity to show its industrial strength in the aeronautical industry. This event, held every two years, brings together the leading companies in the sector worldwide.

Through multiple meetings with current and potential customers, Carbures A&D has presented its more than 15 years of industrial experience as a Tier 2 in aeronautics, its productive capacities, knowledge in manufacturing processes, engineering and systems in composite materials, and its expertise in its three main production areas. [...]

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Carbures has closed the third edition of Aerospace & Defense Meetings, ADM 2016, which is the most important trade fair for the aviation industry in Spain, with more than 50 meetings with different companies in the sector where we had the chance to present our industrial developments. The event took place at the Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of May. Manufacturing, Engineering and Systems managers from Carbures participated in several debates on the future of the sector, in which composite materials keep gaining prestige in aircraft manufacturing processes. [...]

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Rain and pollution

Rainy days are equivalent to traffic jams in major cities not only in Spain but also globally. This causes very high pollution peaks. But the car industry is evolving towards less polluting vehicles.

The diesel engine crisis has shown that the way to making more sustainable cars has no longer to do with the engine but with the vehicle’s structure. The revolution of carbon fiber in the mobility industry will reduce pollution levels in cities independently of traffic jams.

The materials with which the vehicle parts are constructed have an impact on the speed and the degree of contamination. This is why companies like Carbures are committed to innovation in manufacturing cars and airplanes and have developed their own technology based on carbon fiber, which is 4.5 times lighter and up to three times stronger and more flexible than steel, with which large parts for aircrafts, cars and other vehicles are produced. This way, means of transport are lighter, more efficient and less polluting, reach higher speeds and use less fuel. [...]

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