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Future is now, and it is brought by new technologies

Future is now, and it is brought by new technologies

Future is now is the title of the forum that Sir Norman Foster starred last Thursday, June 1st, at Teatro Real in Madrid, on the occasion of the presentation of his Foundation, located in a historical building of the capital center renewed with the latest architectural trends and for which Carbures made a complex composite cover of 172 square meters.

Our CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, was invited to the forum and heard Norman Foster say that the future is now and it comes from new technologies. Foster referred, fundamentally, to the cities of the future and gave data: in 2050, more than 70 percent of the world population will live in cities. Speaking of pollution, he said that cities are the problem as major polluters (chimneys, cars, etc.), but they must also be the solution. Since the 1960s, he has built sustainable cities and proposed the construction of buildings that take advantage of the water resources of the rain and the sun to generate electricity and the creation of green spaces to reduce, through photosynthesis, CO2 emissions. His aim is to create more humane, less polluted, more sustainable cities. It is his vision of the world and his contribution to make it a reality.

Carbures shares Foster’s vision. Carbures and the Norman Foster Foundation are not only involved in a building of avant-garde architecture in Madrid, but also move on through different paths to a common destination: energy efficiency and pollution reduction. Carbures does its way, the one of carbon fiber, that of replacing the metal by the fiber in means of transport, airplanes and cars, and in civil works. The reduction of vehicles’ weight when replacing their metallic parts with other of carbon fiber allows reducing polluting emissions. Very powerful engines are no longer necessary to move very large cars. The less they weigh, the less horsepower is needed to be propelled. That way, cars will pollute less and facilitate greener future cities, as Norman Foster views them.

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