Carbures strengthens its industrial position with a new plant in Madrid

Aerospace & Defense

Carbures strengthens its industrial position with a new factory in Getafe (Madrid) that will double the production capacity of its current factory in Illescas. The leading company in Spain and a European reference in the manufacture of aircraft parts in composite materials will open a new factory in Madrid in 2019. The new factory, of 11,000 square meters over a total area of 17,000 m2, will be located in Getafe, near Airbus , in the Spanish central aeronautical pole, the most important along with that of Seville, where it also operates. The beginning of the adaptation of the new factory is one of the Company's major industrial milestones in its more than 18 years of history. The new Getafe plant will assume production of the current Illescas (Toledo) plant, with 4,563 square meters of production area, and will have the technological and industrial capacity to double it. In addition, Carbures will thus be a more competitive company and will reduce its production costs. [...]

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Carbures signs a 2.24 million contract with a worldwide leader in automotive sector


Carbures continues to grow in the automotive sector. Carbures Mobility has just signed a contract with a reference Tier 1 automotive sector by which the Company provides assembly lines for the manufacture of windshields in a long series for 2.24 million euros . This is the second contract signed with this manufacturer. (Carbures can´t reveal the name due to a confidentiality agreement).

This contract includes both the engineering of this product - to be developed in Manresa (Barcelona) - and its manufacture, which will take place in Querétaro (Mexico). The assembly line of four-pole windshield engines, with a manufacturing time of 13 seconds per unit, will be installed in the Mexican plant of San Luis Potosí of this manufacturer. [...]

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Carbures signs a 5.5 million contract for the automotive sector in China

Carbures Mobility has signed a 5.5 million euro ($ 6.6 million) contract with a Tier 1, world reference in automotive sector, for the Chinese market. This amount is divided into two orders: a first of 1.2 million euros (1.4 million dollars) and a second of 4.4 million euros (5.2 million dollars). The first one is the design and manufacture of an automated test line for the manufacture and assembly of power steering systems in cars. The second, and more substantial, is the creation of a complete production system with an automated assembly line, including the necessary testing and verification for each element that is used in the power steering. 

With this new project, Carbures responds to the technological needs of a global automotive Tier 1 thanks to its knowledge and experience in automotive engineering of high complexity and specialization. In this way, Carbures will provide the machinery for a new customer development product, consolidating its position as a preferred supplier in strategic projects.

Carbures has been chosen to sign this contract because it stands out as one of the only companies in the world capable of providing this type of technological and industrial solution. The work will be carried out between different locations of Carbures Mobility: Manresa and Suzhou, its new plant in China, where final installation and technical assistance to the customer will be made for the final delivery of this technology.

The main customers, current and potential, are concentrated around the new Suzhou automotive plant. In fact, in addition to the technological capacity, the physical proximity to the customer with own plant has been an important factor in the signing of this contract. This means the achievemnet, in record time, of the goal with which Carbures has launched this automotive plant in the Asian country: to meet the needs of customers the comapny already has in China and attract more in the next five years.[...]

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Carbures opens Brazil as a market with a contract for automotive sector


Carbures Mobility, has just signed a new contract with a global automotive Tier 1 installed in Brazil that covers the South American market. The purpose of this contract, which amounts to 835,000 euros, is the design and manufacture of a palletized test line.

Including Brazil, we are already operating in 11 countries in 3 continents from Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Civil Works: Germany, France, Poland, Spain, China, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Chile and Turkey.

The experience of Carbures, and its technological leadership worldwide, are the reasons why this global automotive supplier has decided to hire Carbures for the Brazilian market. Both the design and manufacture of the test line will be carried out in Spain in its entirety, after which it will be transferred to the American country. [...]

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Carbures opens a new plant for automobile sector in China


Carbures keeps accomplishing its business and organic growth plan. The company’s Mobility division, has opened a new plant at Suzhou’s industrial park, in the province of Jiantsu (China), with two strategic goals: to serve its main clients (current and new ones, which are Tier 1 of reference in the automobile sector) locally; as well as to increase the Company’s turnover in the Asian market. With a 900m2 area, the new plant complements the service of its commercial and technical office in Shanghai. Carbures accumulates 57 million euros of total sales in the Asian market since 2005.

Carbures foresees a fast production growth in the new plant of Suzhou, similar to that from its Polish and Mexican plants. In this one, it will make assembly machines for different automobile components related to the navigation, safety, production and other test technologies. The new facilities of Carbures Mobility are part of the international expansion of the Company within the Asian market. [...]

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Carbures, Industry 4.0, implements SAP system

The industrial sector is experiencing a historic moment, and Carbures is in the forefront of that trend. In Industry 4.0, machines, production facilities and warehouse systems are able to exchange information autonomously, track actions and control each other, generating major improvements in the industrial processes involved in production, engineering and service. This fourth industrial revolution promises to unite two worlds, the manufacturing industry and the next generation of Information Technology, creating a new level of efficiency.

As we have been announcing recently from Carbures Machinery, our collaborative robots are already running on plants in the US and Japan, as well as our own R & D developments from Aerospace & Defense, such as the Hiro robot, used in our own factories. The Company continues having Technology at the center of its being, not only in its products, but also in its own management. [...]

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Rafael Contreras: "Proud of our land" in Àndalucia Economica´


The Executive President of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, signs an article in the number 300 of the magazine Andalucía Económica. "Proud of our land," Contreras says, "Andalusians are proud people. Many times we do not show it, but that pride leads us to levels of excellence in many economic and industrial sectors, and in my view, also technological. Translating this level of excellence and pride at a collective level is one of the outstanding challenges of Andalusia. As an example, we are a leading region in the aerospace sector. It is a pride for me to have created a technological company in Andalusia with a global perspective. Our main factories work in this land and the company has in Andalusia 477 jobs, which represents about half of the 964 professionals that Carbures has at a global level. Our origin allows the decision center, accompanied by talent and innovation, to stay at home ". [...]

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Carbures, the only spanish company working at DACOMAT

Civil Works

Horizon 2020

As we announced a few days ago, Carbures is taking part at Dacomat project –part of EU’s Horizon 2020–, which focuses on the development of structures in composites with a budget of 5.8 million euros. Carbures, the only Spanish Company in this project, is a leader in the manufacturing of composites and is recognized internationally due to its technological prestige.

By using its know-how, Carbures is working at a consortium together with several institutions that are leaders in their areas, such as Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and other standing European institutions: companies (like Hexcel Composites, FireCo and LM Wind Power), universities and research centres. Those which take part at this project come from Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom and Belgium. The most important about this awarding is Carbures is well-known internationally, as the Company is the industrial partner for this consortium. [...]

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Carbures in Channel 8 of RTVCL



Carbures has received a team from Channel 8 of RTVCL in the plant of El Burgo de Osma (Soria), to cover the latest news about both the facilities and the extension which is being carried out. This factory has world high technology for the production of long series of composite parts for the automotive sector, as well as a section for short series.

Since the beginning of this year the plant has the two most important certifications at the international level in the automotive and railway sector. ISO/TS 16949: 2009 in the first case, and the IRIS (Interational Railway Industry Standard). This is what makes it possible for Carbures to be operating with the main agents and manufacturers. [...]

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Carbures signs its strategic alliance with Aristrain



Carbures Aerospace and Defense has formalized its strategic alliance with Grupo Aristrain, one of the most important investors in the Spanish industrial market. Carbures’s Chairman, Rafael Contreras, has signed a contract with Aristrain that would concede a loan that would reach the amount of 25 million euros. Carbures voluntarily could make this credit effective in a due date of 12 months, following the normal conditions of this kind of operations.

The agreement has been closed by Inversiones Industriales Txindoki Company, owned by Aristrain Group, so this new industrial partner would obtain a seat at Carbures’s Director Board.

Nowadays the Company has the support of institutions and its customers trust. This is due to the fact that Carbures has improved its financial situation since the beginning of the year, resulting in a debt reduction of about 50%, and an activation of cash flow lines from the banks. Aerospace and Defense’s programs are totally guaranteed and the investments present in Carbures business plan have  the necessary support. This agreement implies a confirmation and an endorsement of Carbures strength. [...]

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