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Carbures signs a new contract with Gas Gas

Carbures signs a new contract with Gas Gas

Carbures has signed a second contract with Gas Gas to produce the air filter boxes for its new motorcycle limited edition. This motorcycle part is already being used in competition motorcycles by rider James Dabill at trial world competitions. This air filter box, which is used both as a seat and as an air intake, is going to be now replied in motorcycles for the general public, in a limited edition of Gas Gas’s model TXT GP. This new airbox designed by Carbures allows reducing a 40 per cent of its weight and expanding the air intake for the motor, which improves the vehicle’s performance. Since 2016, Carbures produces the fork protectors, the front mask and the airbox for Gas Gas’s Still Riding model.

Carbures’s site at Tecnobahía (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz) is working on this limited series, by simplifying the model and reducing a complex structure into a single carbon piece. The resulting component is more resistant and its weight is a 40 per cent lower as compared to the equivalent plastic pieceand, also, this part has an interior volume a 10 per cent biggerwhich implies that the motor shows a better performance. This limited edition in Gas Gas’s TXT GP model, with professional competition features, can be bought in 300, 280, 250 and 125 cc.

 In the production of this component, Carbures has used technologies such as the use of hybrid materials for acoustic cushioning and impact resistance or the integration of screw and metal supports within the carbon fiber.

The new air filter box produced by Carbures is single-pieced and its manufacturing comes after the job of Carbures Mobility’s R+D department in the application of engineering and technology for carbon fiber producing. This is a pioneer part in the motorcycle sector with advantages for the vehicle, because carbon fiber provides lightness and rigidity and its design allows enhancing the air intake in the motor, which results in a better performance. This new technological landmark, which has already gone through the hard test of professional competition trial motorcycles, is applied by Gas Gas to a limited series for the general public. Carbures has been able to unify in a single motorcycle part what previously were two: the seat and the filter box.

“There is a revolution going on in the mobility sector when it comes to replacing metal elements by those made of composites, such as carbon fiber. All of us at Carbures know that we have a lot of work to do in this area, and this part is another proof in the transformation of industrial processes in the production of components for the mobility sector”, claims Rafael Contreras, Carbures’s Chairman.

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