Our CEO visits China to meet the 2 biggest Aeronautical OEMs

Aerospace & Defense

Borja Martínez-Laredo, CEO of our company is in China during this week in a commercial mission to visit two major Chinese aircraft manufacturers: AVIC and COMAC. The mission is carried out together with Javier Moreno, General Manager of the division of Aerospace & Defense; Javier Cortés, Commercial Director, and Borja Amores, Director of the Carbures plant in Harbin.

The objective of this mission is to present first hand the capabilities that CARBURES has to be part of the programs of these two aviation giants. The CARBURES delegation traveled today to Beijing to meet with directors and managers of AVIC, among whom were Yi Xiaosu, Director of the ACCA's Science and Technology Committee, and Ma Xingyun, Director and Head of the International Department. On Thursday, May 3, they will travel to Shanghai to hold bilateral meetings with COMAC. Both companies were driven by the Chinese government itself to have its own developments in the aeronautical sector in the years 1999 and 2008 respectively. [...]

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Carbures signs its first automotive technology contract with a Chinese Tier 1


Carbures accelerates in the Chinese market. The Company consolidates its position as a reference in engineering, technology, manufacturing of composite parts, and designing of test and production lines  for automobiles in China. Carbures signs its first contract with a Chinese Tier 1 to introduced locally, whose name cannot be revealed for reasons of confidentiality. The contract is for the design and manufacture of three test benches for conducting electric power steering tests. This first contract has a value of 800 thousand euros and comes as a result of 12 years with a technical and commercial office with which it has come to work with different global Tier 1 operating in the Asian market.

The Mobility division of Carbures has a technological and industrial capacity to start implementing its know-how locally in China. The design of the 3 test benches for the assisted steering of cars will be carried out from the plant in Manresa (Barcelona), to then take it to the plant in Suzhou (China) where the assembly, validation, and laying will be carried out underway for the final delivery. [...]

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Carbures explained its success model in a conference by ADP and Deloitte

Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

On April 5, the event was held, "Success Models in Andalucía. A call for strategic differentiation" organized by the Association for the Progress of Management (APD) with the collaboration of Deloitte. The meeting was inaugurated by the Deputy Director of Economy of the Andalusian Government, Antonio José Valverde Asencio, and attended by the top managers and business executives of Andalucía.

In the event, the roundtable “The tractor sectors of the Andalusian economy” was organized, with the participation of Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz, Deputy General Manager of DCOOP; Ricardo Pumar, President of GRUPO INSUR; José Luis Manzanares Japan, president of AYESA and Rafael Contreras, Executive Chairman of CARBURES. It dealt with different aspects such as the trends of the sectors, the keys for the economic dynamization of the territories and the generation of investment and employment in Andalucía. [...]

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Carbures explained its technology at the main digital conference in Andalusia

Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

Just a few days ago, between the 12th and the 14th of March, the first edition of Andalusia Digital Week (ADW) was held in Seville, a meeting point for companies, entrepreneurs and administrations. This initiative, of Eticom and the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville (Fibes), was born with the aim of becoming a place of exchange of ideas and knowledge to contribute to the impulse of the digital transformation of our society and economy. Throughout those three days, the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville was the scene of more than 50 presentations and round tables in charge of 150 leading professionals from the economic, business and technology sectors.

One of the most outstanding meetings was the round table The aeronautical companies facing the challenge of diversification where the aeronautical sector has been discussed, one of the pillars of the Andalusian and National business sector. Moderated by Silvia de los Santos, Technical Responsible for the Aerospace Sector at the Technological Corporation of Andalusia, the table was attended by Sevillian Manuel Heredia Ortiz, Airbus CEO in Poland, Antonio Gómez Guillamón, co-founder and CEO of Aertec Solutions, Jesús Estepa Bracho, general director of Atexis in Spain and Rafael Contreras, Executive President of Carbures. [...]

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Carbures shows its technology at JEC and SAMPE in Paris

Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

Carbures went to Paris to exhibit its industrial technology and engineering for the manufacture of parts and structures in composite materials. A few days ago, the Company showed its industrial capacity to hundreds of representatives and executives of companies in the sectors in which it operates in two events, both held in Paris. The first was held on March 5, SAMPE EUROPE-Summit Conference Paris 2018 at the Pullman Paris Hotel of the Tour Eiffel. SAMPE is a general organization dedicated to the promotion of technical excellence in materials and process engineering, with a total of approximately 15,000 engineers, technologists and materials scientists. It was founded in 1944 by California aerospace engineers with the goal of building a professional network and improving the exchange of technical information. Since that time, SAMPE has spread around the world and is divided into approximately 40 chapters. [...]

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Carbures congratulates to the CADIZ CF female team


Today, March 8, Day of the working woman, we want to congratulate all the women, but especially the girls who make up the Cádiz CF female team, sponsored by Carbures. For the work they do day by day and this year is paying off, the season they are doing is spectacular, and they are one step away from becoming the champions of their category.

The female team, started its first season as a team in 2016, at that time Carbures wanted to support and strengthen its ties with the Cadiz entity, becoming the main and first sponsor of the team trained by Emilio Soler, and currently it remains the only official sponsor of the club.

For Carbures it is a privilege to have all of them, with values such as; work, effort and competitiveness both within the field and outside of it.[...]

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Carbures attends Big Science Business Forum and NATO NIAG

Aerospace & Defense , Civil Works

This week Carbures has attended two important events. The first, Big Science Business Forum, in which for the first time the high-tech industry, known as 'Big Science' (a term given to science megaprojects) from around the world, has met in Copenhagen to present their offers to companies. The conference began with a welcome reception by the Minister of Education and Research, Søren Pind, welcoming all the companies and institutions. Carbures has been able to talk directly with those responsible for projects such as the large hadron collider (CERN) or the Extremely Large Telescope (ESO) and find the points of union between industry and science. The event has attracted 1,000 delegates from 25 countries and more than 20 agencies with an investment capacity of 12 billion euros. Carbures will be present at the stand of the Spanish delegation promoted by CDTI. [...]

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Carbures presents its collaborative robots at the IKN event about Industry 4.0

Industry 40 , Mobility, Civil Works, Aerospace & Defense

On February 15, the third edition of the conference on Intelligent and Hyperconnected Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 was held in Madrid by IKN. On this day, the main agents and leaders of this fourth industrial revolution met, and the latest advances and practical applications in the industrial area were presented.

Carbures was invited to this event as a success case within Industry 4.0 and as an example of implementation and introduction of collaborative technologies in the international industrial field. Marta Millan, project manager of the R & D area, gave a general introduction about the company, and described the specific situation of implementation in Carbures of the different parameters that define the concept of Industry 4.0. The years that Carbures has been working in all these technological developments, robotics and artificial vision, allow that implementation and developments are in a final phase in some cases, and very advanced in others, with respect to the competition. [...]

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We open a new aeronautical office in Germany

Aerospace & Defense

Carbures lands in Germany in the aeronautics sector. The Company opens a new office CarburesDefense Gmbh, a German company 100 percent owned by Carbures Aerospace & Defense, will hire local engineers who will form the Carbures Defense team in Germany.

This opening is part of the Company's strategy to continue growing in the European international market, on the one hand, and to be closer to customers, on the other. Since last year, Carbures has been expanding its portfolio of European customers in the aeronautical sector. One of them was Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques - SABCA, Tier 1, a leading supplier of reference in Belgium, with which it obtained a contract to cover part of the production of the Topcovers for the Flap Support Fairings of the Airbus A350. [...]

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Carbures gets on the train of Railgrup

mobility , Railway

Carbures has announced this week that it will start to be part of Railgrup, the most important railway industry cluster in the sector, which agglutinates more than 100 companies, among which the most advanced in our country stand out for industrial technology and know-how. -how, and which they add a volume of global turnover of 17.000 million euros. Among its members you can find important OEMs and Tier1 such as Renfe, Talgo, Altran, CAF, Alstom, etc.

Railgrup was born in 2002 with the challenge of promoting the development of the rail sector in Spain at all levels and the aim of promoting the global competitiveness of its members by promoting, representing and disseminating the collective image and interests inside and outside our borders.

Carbures entered the railway industry in 2013, with the design and manufacture of structural parts for subway and train cars (long, medium and short distance). From the El Burgo de Osma plant, pieces and structures are produced for this sector. An example of this line is the manufacture, in 2017, of 74 emergency evacuation front doors that CAF has manufactured for lines 3 and 6 of the Santiago de Chile Metro. [...]

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