Carbures flies to Germany to the aeronautical fair AIRTEC

Carbures flew to Germany last week as a guest to AIRTEC, the main Fair of the aeronautic sector of the year, attending giants like Airbus and major European suppliers, both Tier 1 and 2 of the supply chain for aircrafts.

AIRTEC celebrated its tenth edition in Munich, where participated more than 600 exhibitors, 15,000 bilateral meetings of business and activities, and 230 conferences on the latest developments in the sector, given by specialists in the field during the three days of the event. [...]

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Carbures showed in Japan its industrial technology for the manufacture of car parts in carbon fiber. The Company has been one of the eleven Spanish car manufacturers of components chosen to represent Spain, the past 22 and 23 of October, in the Japan Spain Innovation Program (JISP).

Spain sent a representation of leading companies in automotive technology who shared their knowledge and showed their industrial developments to Japanese leading companies, manufacturers like Toyota. [...]

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Our President speaks about automotive in El País

Our President Rafael Contreras published an editorial yesterday in “El País”, Spain’s leading newspaper, about the industrial revolution of the carbon fiber in the automotive sector.

RafaelContreras explained that being squeezed the engines to the maximum to minimize pollutant emissions,car manufacturers are now focused on lightening the weight of vehicles by replacing metal parts withcarbon fiber to make cars more efficient and less polluting. [...]

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Speeding up in automotive with carbon rims

We have stablish a relationship between Carbures and 2elle-engineering, an Italian engineering company specialized in design and production of rims for cars, with the objective of production carbon fiber rims for cars in long series. Currently, this kind of rims are mounted only in racing cars. Carbures provides the technology to mass production them for all kind of cars.

We work in the design and manufacture of prototypes of two types of rims, one hybrid of aluminum and carbon fiber, which implies a weight reduction between 20 and 30 percent compared to metal rims, and another one made only by carbon with a reduction of 45 percent. Our objective is to start production in long series in 2017. [...]

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BMW invites Carbures to its hub of carbon fiber

BMW invited Carbures to visit the facilities of Landshut, the automotive hub of carbon fiber located in Dingolfing, Germany. It is a cutting-edge automotive plant, where takes place the manufacturing process of carbon fiber for both BMW electric car, the i3 and i8, and the sports car of the M models.

During the visit, BMW explained the need in the sector of suppliers of carbon fiber parts for cars with manufacturing capacity in long series. [...]

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Carbures flies high with Airbus’ A320NEO

Carbures attended Friday to a high-flying act of Airbus: the official signing event of the manufacturing process of the A320NEO, currently considered one of Airbus flagship airplanes. The aerospace giant invited Carbures to the signing of the manufacturing contract of the A320NEO between Aircelle, the world's leading manufacturer of nacelles for engines and turbines, and the Bay of Cadiz Center (CBC).

The A320NEO manufacturing process involves the highest historical delivery rate of composite airplane parts for Carbures, therefore the company has redesigned its plant in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, Spain) to specifically tailor it to the production specifications of parts for this airplane model. [...]

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China welcomes Carbures’ potential

Carbures participated last May at SAMPE, a fair which celebrated its 7th edition in Beijing. At the event, we had the opportunity to present our RMCP technology and our services to several local and international companies within the aeronautical sector.

They witnessed the history and future growth expectations Carbures has in the aviation sector, since manufacturer’s raw material, fibers, resins, [...]

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Market trust recovered

Our CEO, José María Tarragó, participated on Wednesday, June 17, in the lunch – colloquium organized by the Association for the Advancement of Management (APD) and Deloitte, in which he draught the importance of the aeronautical sector and its contribution to social, economic and business wealth creation in Spain and Andalusia.

At the event, Tarragó stressed the company's financial developments, the accolade received by BBVA and Bankia when Carbures refinance debt, and the forecasting of closing down successfully the negotiation renewals with various credit entities for a sum of approximately 6 to 10 million euros. [...]

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Carbures shows its knowledge in America

Carbures showed his potential earlier this month, in Houston, in the JECamericas group of JEC, which put the focus on the automotive, oil and gas. As a company with a past, present and future in these sectors, we kept about 50 meetings with potential international suppliers. In those encounters, we stress the added value of our knowledge, experience and applicability of our industry technology to manufacture carbon fiber structures and other composites. [...]

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Carbures shows its technology to reduce the weight of cars

Carbures shines in a specialized event from the automotive sector with its own technology for reducing the weight of cars.  Bosch invited us to participate, late last month, in its event ‘Chassis and Control Technology Days´ as a specialized company in the automotive industry. We showed and explained our industrial technological capability for producing long series of car parts in carbon fiber and, thus, substantially reduce the weight of vehicles.

Some of our executives from the Automotive line of activity, Florian Winnen and Marco Martinez, participated in a debate of 24 specialists, led by representatives of Bosch, on the future of the automotive industry, which focuses on making cars from lighter materials and, therefore, more efficient in its fuel consumption and less contaminating. [...]

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