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Carbures launches a new business line of luxury furnitures in "composite"

Carbures launches a new business line of luxury furnitures in "composite"

Carbures grows and, faithful to its DNA as a company, continues to innovate. The Company now uses its technology and know-how in the diversification of its activity in the Civil Works Division. In line with this strategy, it launches into the market a new line of activity: the design and manufacturing of luxury furnitures in composite materials. Carbures designs and manufactures three lines of furniture; Air Collection, Profile Collection and Origami Collection. All of them with different utilities and inspirations.

The division of Civil Works has manufactured from meshing work in composite materials for various constructions, including some train tracks, the 172 square meter roof of the Pavillion of Inspirations of the new headquarters of the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid, to large pillars in fiber for the expansion of a shipping port in the Canary Islands. Now it adds personalized production and by order received of luxury furnitures. The Company has decided to go a step further and not only to cover the structures of the buildings or infrastructures, but it goes into the interior of offices and homes with this new specific section of luxury furniture.

The Executive Chairman of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, affirms: "It has been a challenge to create this new area due to its complexity and uniqueness. The engineers of this division of Carbures have created a unique concept of furnitures, applying our own technological developments and the most advanced materials of aeronautics ". Raúl García Hidalgo, General Manager of Carbures Civil Works says: "The opening of this new section in Carbures is the best proof of the continued work and quality we offer; both in civil works and in architecture, it is thanks to our experience of decades together with the innovation and the implementation of composites ".

Three different designs
The three lines of furnitures made of composite materials have different inspirations. The AIR line, inspired by the origin of Carbures, the aerospace world, reflects the lightness and resistance of carbon fiber, and a design that recalls in certain elements the interior of an aircraft or a space capsule. In the case of the PROFILE collection, the carbon fiber yarn is taken as a starting point, to generate a series of furniture with a double meaning: the stylization of the fiber thread, as well as an aesthetic that evokes the perspectives of the profile for its thinness. In coherence with the multiculturalism of Carbures, the ORIGAMI collection translates the Japanese art of origami, bringing to light original designs whose angles and folds combine aesthetics with practicality, becoming multilevel shelves, or compartments for magazines on the side of a coffee table.

The furniture can be seen in a specific section on the Carbures website, where you can visit the different products offered in each of the lines, and also contact the Company to receive more information.


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