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Carbures and Inypsa approved their merge

Carbures and Inypsa approved their merge

The general meetings of shareholders of Carbures and Inypsa approved the merger process, giving rise to AIRTIFICIAL, a large artificial intelligence technology company specialized in collaborative robotics, in sensorized structures and applied engineering that operates in the aeronautical, robotics, automotive and civil works sector.

In the Board of Inypsa, it has been approved to increase the board of directors from the 7 current members to the 17 that it will have. Another point  was the capital increase of up to 65.9 million, which will be issued up to a maximum of 481,379,600 new shares, with the same rights as the previous ones, intended to be attributed to shareholders of Carbures in exchange for their securities, so that the shareholding in the new company, AIRTIFICIAL, is parity. At the last point of the day, the Board of Inypsa approved the modification of its corporate name so that, when the merger becomes effective, it is renamed Airtificial Intelligence Structures SA.

For its part, the Carbures Board presented the best results in its history, in addition, and approved a capital increase of 1.8 million euros, already subscribed in full, for the amortization of the Company's loans.

Our chairman and co-founder of Airtificial, Rafael Contreras, affirms: "Airtificial is already a very exciting reality. It is a company that emerges with business knowledge and the technological-industrial capacity to become an industrial technology group of reference in the global market and operational presence in the main markets of the world. "

Airtificial emerges as a cutting-edge Spanish technological-industrial group, with notable operational and geostrategic synergies, with a high growth potential and the objective of positioning itself as a world reference in technology, engineering and manufacturing of parts in composite materials. The new company focuses the bulk of its activity in Industry 4.0 applying artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, sensorized structures and applied engineering developments that will operate in the civil engineering, aeronautics and automotive sectors. This new technological group has a proven success know-how, with an operational presence in the main markets of Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia. The shares of AIRTIFICIAL will be admitted to trading on the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchanges, through Stock Market Interconnection (Continuous Market), expected at the end of this year.

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