Carbures doubles its Company capital in a commitment to growth

“Remove the burden of liabilities, make the Company cleaner and, from a new position, boost its growth and consolidation", said Carbures’s Executive President, Rafael Contreras, at the extraordinary general meeting last Thursday. By this new financial process, the Company doubles his Company capital, overcoming already 100 million euros.

This is an operation approved by the shareholders that transforms the debt into equity and capitalizes credits for a total of 55 million euros in a firm commitment of the investors towards Carbures. The Company will have 115,047,401 new shares which will be equal to the existing ones, placing the Company in a "reinforced financial position, with little debt and with very good industrial perspectives", affirms Contreras. [...]

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“An industrial commitment with the Region like ours takes its time and we have now a strong industrial model”

Mr. Rafael Contreras, founder and President of Carbures gave an interview to Diario de Cadiz, where he explains the history and development of one of the most acclaimed companies in the Andalusian region.

Carbures was born out of a research group of the University of Cadiz, promoted by Prof. Manolo Galan, a PhD professor who wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to transfer technology and create wealth in the region. Mr. Contreras explains how they started this project from scratch through a financing model of “friends, family and fools” until some venture capital firms such as Invercaria and Univen took some stakes [...]

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Carbures capitalises debt to keep growth

Carbures is ready for its next phase of organic growth. Following the request by investment firm Black Toro Capital (BTC), the Company will capitalize 55 million euros of debt in order to complete its internal reorganization phase, to fulfil its business plan and improve its good business performance in its two most important manufacturing lines and to define the path for further industrial growth. [...]

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Carbures strengthens its presence in China

Carbures relies on the dynamic growth of the Chinese market. By this way, Carbures has acquired the remaining 37.5% of its Chinese partner Harbin Carbures Guanglian (HCG), with whom they landed in China and built a factory. This is a strategic operation since Carbures is completing the autoclave´s certification process in order to start manufacturing aircraft structures. Carbures fulfills another of its industrial policy, opening factories alongside with its main customers. In this case, its nearest customer is Airbus, which has a factory in Harbin next to Carbures factory. [...]

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We sponsor our home team and we win the first match!

Our President, Rafael Contreras, and Cádiz F.C.’s President, Manuel Vizcaino, met last week at Carbures Airport site to sign a sponsorship agreement for the entire season. The Cadiz Football Team already wears Carbures’s logo on the neck of the T-shirt of the official equipment. [...]

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We are "in the path of industrial profitability"

The history of the Company is living a milestone. For the first time since 1991, we have achieved positive results in our two main activity lines: aeronautical and mobility. “The Company is in the path of profitability" said the President and founder of Carbures, Rafael Contreras. Aerospace and Machinery divisions closed the first half of the year with a positive EBITDA (2.9 million in Aerospace and 830.000 in Machinery). [...]

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