Carbures presents its composite technology for civil works

Last November 9th, Carbures participated in the Congress Construye-TIC 2016, a forum on new technologies applied to the Civil Works industry. It has become the most important meeting point for suppliers and contractors, now demanding new technology and materials, such as composites, for the industry. [...]

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Carbures strengthens its presence in China

Carbures relies on the dynamic growth of the Chinese market. By this way, Carbures has acquired the remaining 37.5% of its Chinese partner Harbin Carbures Guanglian (HCG), with whom they landed in China and built a factory. This is a strategic operation since Carbures is completing the autoclave´s certification process in order to start manufacturing aircraft structures. Carbures fulfills another of its industrial policy, opening factories alongside with its main customers. In this case, its nearest customer is Airbus, which has a factory in Harbin next to Carbures factory. [...]

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We sponsor our home team and we win the first match!

Our President, Rafael Contreras, and Cádiz F.C.’s President, Manuel Vizcaino, met last week at Carbures Airport site to sign a sponsorship agreement for the entire season. The Cadiz Football Team already wears Carbures’s logo on the neck of the T-shirt of the official equipment. [...]

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We are "in the path of industrial profitability"

The history of the Company is living a milestone. For the first time since 1991, we have achieved positive results in our two main activity lines: aeronautical and mobility. “The Company is in the path of profitability" said the President and founder of Carbures, Rafael Contreras. Aerospace and Machinery divisions closed the first half of the year with a positive EBITDA (2.9 million in Aerospace and 830.000 in Machinery). [...]

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A revolution in civil engineering

Carbures is a technological Company specialized in engineering and manufacturing processes for the development of composites, mainly carbon fibre, for different activities. Besides focusing on the manufacture of carbon fibre pieces for aeronautical, automotive and railway industries, our Company also develops composite structures for civil engineering. [...]

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Carbures in a report by Bloomberg

Carbures is one of the Spanish companies subject of a report published by Bloomberg Markets. This news agency had an interview with our President, Rafael Contreras, in order to get some detail on Carbures’s plans for El Burgo de Osma’s mobility plant. [...]

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Olympic fibre in canoeing

Carbon fibre presents itself as the lightest, strongest and most anticorrosive material in the canoeing competition in the Olympic (and Paralympic) Games. The canoes competing in Rio, where Spanish athletes Maialen Chourraut, Saúl Craviotto, Cristian Toro and Marcus Walz have won golden medals, are manufactured with the same material used for Formula One cars. The time when canoes were made out of wood is already over. They have been replaced by others made out of carbon fibre, a compound material that gives the canoe the ability of floating as a mosquito on water while resisting the force of running waters just as if it would be made of oak wood. [...]

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Two centuries with electric cars

As we told you a few days ago, the electric car is having a great success in the whole world. In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are increasingly using these vehicles in order to reduce pollution, since they are manufactured from low-weight materials. Moreover, 2.727 electric cars and 16.807 hybrid cars have been sold in Spain during the first seven months of this year. This means 107,85% more electric cars than between January and July 2015 and 70,32% more hybrid cars than the year before, respectively. [...]

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