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Carbures, from Jerez to the world

Carbures, from Jerez to the world

his week the financial newspaper Expansión has published in the section "Executives in Summer", an extensive report about how the Carbures factory  from the town of Jerez creates pieces in carbon fiber that are exported to the whole world. Some pieces that "are produced for the most demanding industrial sector, the aeronautics" and that are "in such emblematic aircraft as the Airbus superjumbo, the A380".

For those of us who have been working for Carbures for years and are used to this facility being part of our lives, to know the perspective of a person, in this case a journalist, who comes from new with a clear mind and who is able to highlight details about the great work and all the R+D  that is behind the company, is always a great satisfaction.

In fact, one of the issues that stand out in the report, is that far from being a factory full of noisy machinery, this "is more halfway between an operating theater of white coats and the factory" and that here "carbon fiber pieces are manufactured in a process that mixes the highest technological standards with the demands of an industry that puts pressure on its suppliers with millimeter orders and delivered just in time".

Another aspect that usually calls the attention of people who visit our factory for the first time is to see how carbon fiber comes to our facilities in black sheets and that, once here, are kept in a chamber at -24º Celsius , where a process begins in which the asepsis is fundamental to avoid that the pieces suffer the slightest contamination. A chain of treatment that ends in a "futuristic-looking" oven, in which the pieces, ranging from a few centimeters to four meters, acquire their final consistency.



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