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Carbures, awarded by Airbus From left to right: Roberto Rey (CEO of Carbures), Therry Gendre (Vice President of Airbus), Javier Moreno (General Director of Carbures Aerospace & Defense), Frank Martin (Vice President of Airbus), Arturo Pastor (Carbures Quality Director ), Javier Garc

Carbures, awarded by Airbus

Carbures would like to thank Airbus for the award concession of Best Improver in the Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program (SQIP), and shows its commitment to continue working with the European consortium. This award is an endorsement of a global aviation giant to our company for the strength, quality and industrial engineering in the manufacture of aircraft parts in composite materials. The CEO, Roberto Rey, and the General Director of the Aerospace & Defense division of Carbures, Javier Moreno, attended last Wednesday in Toulouse (France) at the SQIP Day of Airbus, to an event of international reference for the aviation industry, where Airbus vice Presidents Gendre Thierry and Frank Martin handed the award.

Carbures was chosen from among more than 10,000 European Airbus suppliers, as one of the 29 that have integrated the previous program. Carbures was the only Tier 2 among the 29 participants in the prestigious SQIP and was recognized through the award as the supplier who implemented the biggest improvements in their manufacturing processes.

The Spanish company is a supplier both on a direct and indirect way of Airbus. The European aerospace consortium has more than 10,000 suppliers of which only 29 were chosen to participate in this program. Carbures broke its record of aircraft production, with nearly 40,000 pieces made in 2015 for A-350, A-320, A-320neo or A- 380, A400M aircrafts among others.

Carbures estimates to increase this number the following year. The President and founder of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, noted that "this award supports our model and industrial know-how and confirms, once again, our equity story as a company, now working to replicate the same in the automotive and civil engineering sector, where it´s equally valid and suitable". Contreras recalls that "Carbures was born and raised with Airbus. We have walked together for more than 15 years.

We owe them a lot for what we are now and I can only express my gratitude to Airbus, not only for this award, which I interpret as the culmination of an industrial project that emerged from this collaboration, but also for all those years of trust and shared work". After a difficult year for the Company, all the effort of a career that began 17 years ago has been rewarded. Carbures has been a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing in composites for the aerospace industry and has opened the way for what is now a consolidated and non-return industrial process, which involves the replacement of metal parts for other composite materials for planes.

This innovation that Carbures is now implementing in the aviation and civil work sector, has enabled airlines to save on fuel an average of $ 1,500 annually per kilo of weight they manage to reduce on each aircraft. Roberto Rey and Javier Moreno stressed "the absolute commitment that Carbures renews with the aeronautical industrial world with full strength as a supplier of Airbus. You can count on us. We will make every effort to maintain service excellence as a supplier not only of aircraft parts (in composite materials), but also for our engineering services, manufacturing systems and critical equipment”.

Carbures has also renewed its NADCAP certification (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program), granted by the PRI (Performance Review Institute), that once more validates its excellence in manufacturing composite parts.

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