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Carbures explained its success model in a conference by ADP and Deloitte

Carbures explained its success model in a conference by ADP and Deloitte

On April 5, the event was held, "Success Models in Andalucía. A call for strategic differentiation" organized by the Association for the Progress of Management (APD) with the collaboration of Deloitte. The meeting was inaugurated by the Deputy Director of Economy of the Andalusian Government, Antonio José Valverde Asencio, and attended by the top managers and business executives of Andalucía.

In the event, the roundtable “The tractor sectors of the Andalusian economy” was organized, with the participation of Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz, Deputy General Manager of DCOOP; Ricardo Pumar, President of GRUPO INSUR; José Luis Manzanares Japan, president of AYESA and Rafael Contreras, Executive Chairman of CARBURES. It dealt with different aspects such as the trends of the sectors, the keys for the economic dynamization of the territories and the generation of investment and employment in Andalucía.

In his speech, our President explained the main factors that justify the success of Carbures and divided them into three elements; technology, to solve the problems of the sector and creating new spaces to incorporate it; the internationalization of the Company as a global company, which is part of Carbures' DNA. And the diversification of the activity, as a consequence of the previous two. This is where our prototyping and exploration of composites products for the Automotive and Civil Works sectors come from. That was the case even when the main operating line was Aeronautics.

"The leadership in automotive and civil engineering sectors that we hold today; the level of implementation and development of tools and technologies of Industry 4.0, which places us in an advantageous position in terms of efficiency; or the sensorized structures at a general level and specifically the work that is being done from the aeronautical sector, "said Rafael Contreras.

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