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Rafael Contreras: "Proud of our land" in Àndalucia Economica´

Rafael Contreras: "Proud of our land" in Àndalucia Economica´

The Executive President of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, signs an article in the number 300 of the magazine Andalucía Económica. "Proud of our land," Contreras says, "Andalusians are proud people. Many times we do not show it, but that pride leads us to levels of excellence in many economic and industrial sectors, and in my view, also technological. Translating this level of excellence and pride at a collective level is one of the outstanding challenges of Andalusia. As an example, we are a leading region in the aerospace sector. It is a pride for me to have created a technological company in Andalusia with a global perspective. Our main factories work in this land and the company has in Andalusia 477 jobs, which represents about half of the 964 professionals that Carbures has at a global level. Our origin allows the decision center, accompanied by talent and innovation, to stay at home ".

Our President emphasizes that Carbures is the example that from Cádiz, from Andalusia, you can create wealth based on talent and knowledge. "We must return to the origins of Cadiz, which means looking at international markets. We have faced this task by working all our hearts out, in order to seek a growth of the company that would allow us to place Carbures and Andalusia at the top of the avant-garde, innovation and efficiency. Carbures continues flying with a more than ever solid industrial reality, the highest level of excellence, recognized both by our customers and by the sector itself.

Contreras continues: "In this way we have always fought and continue fighting to keep the identity of the Company, which is none other than its birthplace, Andalusia. This is a titanic struggle that has not only Carbures, but many other Andalusian companies. Reinforcing decision-making centers in this region is another of our country's challenges. Different positions of the administration, both regional and national, have referred to Carbures as "a young firm with imagination and capacity", and that has also lived the stages of challenges that every company must have in its growth. Our President concludes: "Born and raised in Andalusia, I want to invite you to face the challenges mentioned through real processes of retention of talent and knowledge, which are only produced by the maintenance of decision centers."

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