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Carbures, Industry 4.0, implements SAP system

Carbures, Industry 4.0, implements SAP system

The industrial sector is experiencing a historic moment, and Carbures is in the forefront of that trend. In Industry 4.0, machines, production facilities and warehouse systems are able to exchange information autonomously, track actions and control each other, generating major improvements in the industrial processes involved in production, engineering and service. This fourth industrial revolution promises to unite two worlds, the manufacturing industry and the next generation of Information Technology, creating a new level of efficiency.

As we have been announcing recently from Carbures Machinery, our collaborative robots are already running on plants in the US and Japan, as well as our own R & D developments from Aerospace & Defense, such as the Hiro robot, used in our own factories. The Company continues having Technology at the center of its being, not only in its products, but also in its own management.

In this way, Carbures is immersed in the process of implementation of the SAP business management software system. These types of systems are called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Leading the implementation of a new systems tool, together with the necessary organizational transformation that always accompanies it, is a unique and complex path, and can be solved in multiple ways. This year in Carbures we have three objectives linked to the SAP project: the incorporation of this system in the financial and aeronautical processes in Spain; Process standardization and data sharing among group organizations; And the SAP training of the IT department for the management and maintenance of the new ERP.

Technology is one of the elements that most influences the processes of change and, currently, changes are becoming faster. In this scenario, information systems must respond quickly in order to support new forms of relationships with customers, suppliers and society in general. Carbures knows that the only way to stay in the first positions is to adapt quickly to these changing scenarios and that the success of SAP as business management software is indisputable. This philosophy of rapid adaptation and our commitment to the client has allowed us to be in the position of global leadership that we occupy today.

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