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Carbures, pioneer of composites in Construction and Civil Works

Carbures, pioneer of composites in Construction and Civil Works

The ACCIONA Sustainability Blog has published an article "Non-polluting building materials", in which it explains the importance of the substitution of traditional materials, for composite materials and the benefits they offer to maintain the environment since they consume less amount of energy and present better features than the traditional ones.

There are more and more uses of composite materials in this sector, as ACCIONA itself promulgates in this blog, Carbures, aware of the properties of different composite materials, have been working for years to incorporate them into Civil Works. The fact that a leading actor at world level such as ACCIONA picks it up in a specific way, and incorporates it into its constructions, is an evidence that Carbures started on the right path years ago.

The Company continues revolutionizing the civil works sector, with the use of composite materials and making unique structures in the market such as the so-called dolphins, some drawers or large deposits that support the mooring platforms at the cruise dock of Fuerteventura. Precisely this work was carried out by the company for ACCIONA. It consists of cylinders of 13.50 meters high by 12 meters in diameter and weighing 40 tons. These drawers replace the traditional method of construction of these concrete structures, the advantages are lightness; which facilitates the assembly, transportation, and placement on site, minimally affecting the logistics of the port, given the small surface area of occupation and the short term of execution of the drawer. Regarding its durability; they show an excellent behavior against corrosion, in this case also the exposure was very high to be partially submerged in the sea.

Following this line, Carbures is taking advantage of its leading position in the Mexican market, after decades being the reference engineering specialized in ducts, offshore platforms, and large works, to replace traditional materials with composites. Specifically, in the oil rigs, this process is a demanded need and the Civil Works unit in Mexico has been working for some time, carrying out the identification and engineering of the pieces and concrete elements that would be transformed into composites. For this, experience in maritime works projects is very useful, since there is not enough time reference for the behavior of composites in maritime environments.

Another proof of Carbures' leadership in the application of composites is the realization of the 172 m2 roof, of the Pavilion of the Inspirations of the world headquarters of the Norman Foster Foundation. This is a unique project inaugurated a few months ago, for which Carbures had to carry out an entire ad hoc process, given the need for the roof not to transmit weight to the glass structure that the award-winning architect had designed for the Pavilion.

The ACCIONA post makes it clear that the implementation of composites in construction is an irreversible and growing fact. And as in other sectors, in these moments in which the market begins to mature, Carbures is already a benchmark player with a position of advantage at a global level. This position is given by the knowledge, the experience coming from the projects already carried out, the cutting-edge technology, and the industrial capacity at an international level.

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