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The competitive advantage of our industrial position

The competitive advantage of our industrial position

As published by Expansion last Monday, November 13, the President of Airbus Operations in Spain, Manuel Huertas, participated in a conference organized by the Tedae association, in which he highlighted the good prospects that are presented for the Spanish aeronautical industry and the challenges that will arise in the future.

Global traffic increases at a rate close to 5% per year, which doubles every 15 years. In the coming years, close to 40,000 new aircrafts will be needed, of which 43% will correspond to the renewal of aircrafts and the remaining 57% to the growth of the companies. The fleets are renewed, moreover, faster and faster. According to Expansion, Huertas said that "in a globalized economy, any product is capable of being manufactured anywhere in the world" and claim to the auxiliary companies -including ITP, Aciturri, Alestis, Carbures or Aernnova- advances in the reduction of costs, improvement of quality and the incorporation of new products.

Carbures fulfills this premise for three years now due to its strategic positioning with reference aeronautical pole plants such as Seville, Madrid (Getafe), China (Harbin city) ... The Carbures factory in Harbin, whose autoclave was approved last summer, therefore, meets one of the strategic industrial operational keys and demand of large manufacturers.

Another of the recommendations that the President of Airbus pointed out in his participation in TEDAE was the opening to new products, not just aerostructures. We are pleased to see that Carbures has been completing a portfolio of products from our Systems and Defense area for years, with examples of the highest level such as the MRTT stick that has made us exclusive suppliers of a criticality level A. Our position current competitive, is the result of the continuous effort to be in the first line of excellence and efficiency.

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