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Carbures beats its record in aeronautic production in 2016

Carbures beats its record in aeronautic production in 2016

Carbures consolidates its position in the market as a key manufacturer of plane pieces made with composite and in engineering services for the Aerospace and Defense sector. The Company reached last year a record in manufacturing of plane pieces in composites, with 45,695 pieces produced in Illescas and Jerez de la Frontera, key spots in Europe.

Carbures manufactures structural pieces for Airbus models: Airbus A320, A320NEO, A330, A340, A350, and A380, among other commercial planes, and for A400M, A330MRTT and C295 of military use. Some examples of these pieces are the oil register covers of the engine, the girders and the panels of the belly of the plane, omegas for the fans cowls that provide rigidity to the lining of the engine and pieces of the nose of the plane.

The Carbures site in Illescas has produced a 10.7 per cent more pieces than those made in 2015. This increase is due to the consolidation of the Company as a strategic manufacturer for Airbus and other suppliers. Besides, the Carbures site in Jerez de la Frontera has increased its production in a 44 per cent respect the previous year.

The Company forecasts a considerable growth of fabrication because of the new projects that Carbures has got. These new projects incorporate more composites in order to lighten the weight of the aircrafts, what allows saving fuel and achieving higher energetic efficiency.

“We have an experience of more than 15 years and we keep working to give our customers the highest quality in our products”, says Carbures’s President, Rafael Contreras. “We will follow in the same line, as the market demands lighter planes, more efficient and less polluting”, adds Contreras.

Aditionally, Carbures factories in Illescas, Jerez, El Puerto de Santa Maria and our engineering facilities in Seville have fulfilled all the quality audits imposed from the aeronautic and defense sectors. All factories meet all regulations in the manufacturing of composites, environmental quality and labor security, among others.

Carbures also works for the automotive sector in the fabrication of car pieces in carbon fiber. Carbures Mobility keeps moving on at a solid pace. 

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