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“Self-driving cars could save tens of thousands of lives each year”

“Self-driving cars could save tens of thousands of lives each year”

Self-driving cars are already a reality. In Pittsburg (Pennsylvania), models such as Uber have already begun to circulate. Randomly, these cars can be led by a driver or not. In case there is no driver, there will be a person who will supervise it in order to avoid any incidents.

Ford, Volvo, Lexus and Tesla are some examples of companies that have already begun to develop these vehicles to improve citizens’ life quality and to enhance respect for the planet’s conservation. These manufactured models are fully electric and therefore their emissions are much lower than those of cars with conventional combustion engines.

President Obama introduced a plan to develop a new alternative of safe and efficient transportation. Federal authorities believe that highways would be safer with vehicles that are driven by machines rather than those driven by humans. Even so, USA’s government is requiring manufacturers to submit to a plan that ensures that the testing level is safe for traffic roads.

It is still uncertain whether the new President of the USA, Donald Trump, will keep this line of work. According to President Obama, “many people are dying on our roads right now.

Last year there were 35,200 victims. Over a 94% died because of a human error or a bad decision. Self-driving cars have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives each year”.

The goal pursued by this service is to reduce accidents due to human failures and, in addition, to ensure lower pollution levels, as we do in Carbures by using carbon fiber and composites.

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