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Carbures capitalises debt to keep growth

Carbures capitalises debt to keep growth

Carbures is ready for its next phase of organic growth. Following the request by investment firm Black Toro Capital (BTC), the Company will capitalize 55 million euros of debt in order to complete its internal reorganization phase, to fulfil its business plan and improve its good business performance in its two most important manufacturing lines and to define the path for further industrial growth.

BTC moves ahead and will capitalize the Company’s debt to reinforce a greater commitment with Carbures. Thus, BTC will increase its stake in Carbures up to a 49 per cent, providing stability to shareholders and the board of directors, and also helping the Company keep growing.

Back in January 2015, when Carbures and BTC signed their first credit operation, BTC already stated its intention to become one of Carbures’s major shareholders.

Carbures’s 1st semester figures, with positive EBITDAs in the Company's two main divisions for the first time in more than 15 years, confirm the validity of the Company’s equity story.

The stability on Carbures’s shareholder structure provided by BTC will be supplemented by the recent appointment of the new Carbures’s board member, Cristina Romero. Romero was proposed as a board member by a group of shareholders with an 18% capital stake. This group includes over one hundred historical shareholders, some of whom have had a stake of the Company for a period of 15 years.

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