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Carbures presents its composite technology for civil works

Carbures presents its composite technology for civil works

Last November 9th, Carbures participated in the Congress Construye-TIC 2016, a forum on new technologies applied to the Civil Works industry. It has become the most important meeting point for suppliers and contractors, now demanding new technology and materials, such as composites, for the industry.

Civil Works is one of Carbures’ three main business lines. Along the years the Company has developed its own technology to produce composite structures for bridges, buildings and docks. At the Construye-TIC 2016 Congress, Ramiro González Mendoza, Operations Manager Carbures Civil Work, explained that these composites are a combination of two or more components that work in solidarity at a tensional level, formed by fibers and resins. They are also suitable for different applications in civil works due to their high strength and low weight, their low installation and transport costs, their smaller bearing structure, their resistance to corrosion, the design flexibility that they have, their insulating properties and because they are extremely durable .

The composite materials can be applied in architectural panels, cladding, roofs, domes, vaults, as well as in the construction of self-tensioning bridges, walkways, in beams drawer, in hydraulic towers, in marine structure drawers and in beaconing towers among others.

In addition, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office granted Carbures with the patent on the modular drawer for vertical docks and the procedure for its construction for twenty years.

This patent is directly related to the construction of docks in port and maritime works field and provides an alternative modular cylindrical drawer to the traditional ones manufactured in reinforced concrete and a procedure of construction by eliminating the auxiliary means for traditional techniques high costs, lower maintenance costs and lower environmental impact.

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