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Carbures strengthens its presence in China

Carbures strengthens its presence in China

Carbures relies on the dynamic growth of the Chinese market. By this way, Carbures has acquired the remaining 37.5% of its Chinese partner Harbin Carbures Guanglian (HCG), with whom they landed in China and built a factory. This is a strategic operation since Carbures is completing the autoclave´s certification process in order to start manufacturing aircraft structures. Carbures fulfills another of its industrial policy, opening factories alongside with its main customers. In this case, its nearest customer is Airbus, which has a factory in Harbin next to Carbures factory.

Carbures has manufactured its first pieces in Harbin´s factory as part of the autoclave´s certification process. The Company expects to start manufacturing aircraft structures during the first half of next year.

Carbures already works for Airbus in the Harbin´s factory. In October 2014 Carbures achieved the Belly Fairing cutting Honeycomb contract. After receiving Airbus Special Process Qualification, Carbures is following the formal process to launch its factory in Harbin.

In addition to the factories that the company has in Spain, Carbures also holds manufacturing and engineering plants in Tychy (Poland), Greenville (South Carolina), Querétaro (Mexico), Mexico City and Harbin (China

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