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We are "in the path of industrial profitability"

We are "in the path of industrial profitability"

The history of the Company is living a milestone. For the first time since 1991, we have achieved positive results in our two main activity lines: aeronautical and mobility. “The Company is in the path of profitability" said the President and founder of Carbures, Rafael Contreras. Aerospace and Machinery divisions closed the first half of the year with a positive EBITDA (2.9 million in Aerospace and 830.000 in Machinery).

"The operating business is already in line of positive results. Our industrial, technological and productive reality fully validates the equity story of the Company" added the President. We exceeded over a 6% of last year´s turnover, recording 30 million euros in the first half of 2016. This increase is due to the aerospace division and, especially, to Jerez de la Frontera´s factory, dedicated to Airbus manufacturing programs (mainly for the A350 and A320neo).

The aviation division, the Carbures Machinery division (subsidiary of Mobility dedicated to technology manufacturing for automotive) and the engineering and aeronautical systems division (integrated by Carbures Defense), have increased their sales and this trend is expected to continue. "We do not exclude the idea to switch to the Spanish Continuous Market, but without pressure or any hurry. The main thing is to enhance our income statement.

The turnover growth is the natural step for the company," said Rafael. Carbures has been driven thanks to the increased industrial activity, due to the different product mix and to more efficient management costs. Contreras highlights the CEO´s management (Roberto Rey) and claims that his work has been key for a relevant shift to the Company´s situation, which has already begun to reap positive results.

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