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A revolution in civil engineering

A revolution in civil engineering

Carbures is a technological Company specialized in engineering and manufacturing processes for the development of composites, mainly carbon fibre, for different activities. Besides focusing on the manufacture of carbon fibre pieces for aeronautical, automotive and railway industries, our Company also develops composite structures for civil engineering.

Due to its engineering specialization and because of the progress resulting from its R&D projects, Carbures has been able to eliminate the old and highly corrosive metal from maritime works and has replaced it by composite materials, which are lighter, stronger, easier to install and more resistant to corrosion (therefore, its maintenance is more affordable). The characteristics of the fibre makes it a perfect solution for projects in ports and in hostile environments, thus, this material has begun to replace the metals used in the construction of pillars for oil platforms and seaports. For instance, this anticorrosive material was used instead of concrete in a 66-meter extension in Puerto del Rosario, in Fuerteventura, to hold the dock to its platforms.

For the project in this canary island, our Group used two 40-ton cylinders, which were 13 meters high and 12 meters wide, built with Carbures specialized technology, using composites that do not require continuous maintenance, despite the fact that they are in direct contact with sea water. This is one of the main benefits of carbon fibre: it doesn’t oxidise.

In 2015, our Company signed a contract with Pemex in Mexico to work in the development of oil platforms and other infrastructures in this country, through Pemex’s subsidiary Pypsa. Also, during the first quarter of this year, Carbures led a project to renew the rails and facilities of line 9 in FGV’s Alicante tram.

Carbures continues growing in civil engineering and, therefore, the Company is increasingly getting involved with the use of composite materials in projects for this industry.

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