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Carbures signs a 2.24 million contract with a worldwide leader in automotive sector

Carbures continues to grow in the automotive sector. Carbures Mobility has just signed a contract with a reference Tier 1 automotive sector by which the Company provides assembly lines for the manufacture of windshields in a long series for 2.24 million euros . This is the second contract signed with this manufacturer. (Carbures can´t reveal the name due to a confidentiality agreement).

This contract includes both the engineering of this product - to be developed in Manresa (Barcelona) - and its manufacture, which will take place in Querétaro (Mexico). The assembly line of four-pole windshield engines, with a manufacturing time of 13 seconds per unit, will be installed in the Mexican plant of San Luis Potosí of this manufacturer.

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Carbures signs a 5.5 million contract for the automotive sector in China

Carbures Mobility has signed a 5.5 million euro ($ 6.6 million) contract with a Tier 1, world reference in automotive sector, for the Chinese market. This amount is divided into two orders: a first of 1.2 million euros (1.4 million dollars) and a second of 4.4 million euros (5.2 million dollars). The first one is the design and manufacture of an automated test line for the manufacture and assembly of power steering systems in cars. The second, and more substantial, is the creation of a complete production system with an automated assembly line, including the necessary testing and verification for each element that is used in the power steering. 

With this new project, Carbures responds to the technological needs of a global automotive Tier 1 thanks to its knowledge and experience in automotive engineering of high complexity and specialization. In this way, Carbures will provide the machinery for a new customer development product, consolidating its position as a preferred supplier in strategic projects.

Carbures has been chosen to sign this contract because it stands out as one of the only companies in the world capable of providing this type of technological and industrial solution. The work will be carried out between different locations of Carbures Mobility: Manresa and Suzhou, its new plant in China, where final installation and technical assistance to the customer will be made for the final delivery of this technology.

The main customers, current and potential, are concentrated around the new Suzhou automotive plant. In fact, in addition to the technological capacity, the physical proximity to the customer with own plant has been an important factor in the signing of this contract. This means the achievemnet, in record time, of the goal with which Carbures has launched this automotive plant in the Asian country: to meet the needs of customers the comapny already has in China and attract more in the next five years.

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